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The REBELIUM is a highly expandable multichain blockchain network that serves as a secure Binance scalability solution. Unlike most Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks, the Rebelium architecture is built to support an ever-expanding set of dapp-specific chains. It uses the Binance mainnet to manage and orchestrate many critical network operations thereby enhancing overall network security and transparency.

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Total Supply

50.000.000 $RLM (100%)

Public Launch Allocation

40.000.000 $RLM (40%)

CEX Supply

2.500.000 $RLM (5%)


2.500.000 $RLM (5%)

Buy Back & Burn

2.500.000 $RLM (5%)

Future Development

2.500.000 $RLM (5%)

How REBELIUM Works :

Harmonizing Speed, Security, and Decentralization REBELIUM's advanced cryptography and pooled security model enables speed and decentralization without sacrificing security, allowing developers to deliver an exceptional experience to end-users free of any gas fees or latency.

  • Virtualized subnodes & fully decentralized blockchain
  • Efficient & high-performing pooled validation model
  • Secured by random & regular node rotation
  • Deploy Binance-based contracts cost-effectively


Scaling Solutions


- Decentralized Media Streaming

- Decentralized Media Hubs

- Cencor-Resistant Social Networks

- Self-Sovereign Personalization

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- Stable Coin Swap

- Ramps

- Lending

- Prediction Markets

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- Supply Chain and Logistics

- Decentralized Mesh Networks

- Device Registries

- Data Marketplaces

- Environmental Monitoring

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- Decentralized Marketplaces

- Bussiness Registries

- Tracks and Trace

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- Artwork

- Collectibles

- Event Tickets

- Fan Engagement

- Music & Media

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Modular - Binance Native

Create Invisible Web3 Experiences REBELIUM is a network of interconnected blockchains built to bring speed, decentralization, and security to a universe of UX friendly Web3 applications

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Security Hardened protocol

Solidity code (REBELIUM Manager and IMA), Consensus and RLMWallet will continue to be periodically audited and improved to ensure practices. Periodic

Community Governance

Progressive decentralization enabling greater community participation in guiding and evolving the Rebelium Network 2023.